We are proud  to now offer a vintage and fun steam-punk version of our original luxury machine called “The Prankster”. Made of wood and brass. It was inspired by my favorite costume store in London . The famous and amazing ” Prangsta” . Their website can be found here. Call them for very special costume hire.

The machine has a dark wood finish with some custom brass fittings to give it an “old wireless radio ” look. It can fit comfortably within most wedding and event settings,and  works the same way as the original , but is  smaller  .  I originally had an idea to make a more portable version of the original booth to capture  portraits of interesting characters.   It was also created  in a reaction  to  the tacky budget options available .

The Prankster is unique because of the Foto Noir camera trigger system that gives natural and exciting images with a great user experience.The machine can be operated with or without the screen backdrop option. If there is a suitable venue wall , no backdrop is necessary. It also has the option of flattering colour or B/W images. Unlike other options there is no digital preview , which ads to the excitement of seeing the final print coming out the back of the machine.

More images can be found in this link.


If you are looking for amazing props that are both decadent and beautiful call “Pranksta”. They also offer an unique party service for hen and stag nights.   i-wXqxp8S-X2 i-W4x6wpt-X2 R1027840-X3R1027971-X3R1028214-X3

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Foto Noir is a Crowborough ( East Sussex ) business providing vintage, elegant​ and luxury wooden photo booth solutions for weddings and events. Call 07863552889

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